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Yoga. Fitness. Pilates. Meditations. Vegan Life.

Yoga for Relaxation. Restorative Mobility & Flexibility.

Workout with me in the comfort of your own home.

No special equipment needed.

How to make your body yours again!

69% of The population lives with chronic debilitating body pain!
That’s why I decided to bring you a new pain relief program that is safe, effective, and will
restore you to your physical and mental glory!
By participating you will be introduced to some of the most proven and easy methods to pain
relief with massive bonus value packed into each and every session meant to reduce pain, and help
you live your life to the fullest!

Are you tired of pain and not being able to do what you want to do?
The secret to living a pain-free life is a simple one and doable for everyone.
As you age you lose critical muscle mass which is necessary for a mobile body,
This inevitable loss causes pain and suffering for millions of seniors every day…
But here’s how you do not have to be one of them,
With my newly created program I focus on getting you your mobility back in as little as 15min a day.

With no special equipment needed, your journey to the new you can start today!
With a cancel anytime policy your journey to a thriving body, is on YOUR terms!
Don’t let father time win! You can become your best you and reduce all of your pain, NOW!
Start here to begin your pain free journey!


Bikini Workouts

  • Entire 155 Video Archive
  • 15 minute workouts
  • Monthly Charge
  • Cancel Anytime

Bikini - 6 Months

$49996 months
  • 6 months access to Mobility & Bikini Workouts
  • Entire Video archive
  • Charge Every 6 Months
  • Cancel Anytime

Bikini - Yearly

  • Yearly access to Bikini Workouts
  • 155 Video Archive, Plus behind the scenes
  • Yearly Charge
  • Cancel Anytime

Behind the Scenes Yoga

  • Video Archive
  • Monthly Charge
  • Cancel Anytime


Restorative Yoga

$1599one-time charge
  • 30-60 minute workouts
  • Lifetime Access

Foot Work

$2499one-time charge
  • Video Series for Sore Feet!
  • 15 minute workouts
  • Lifetime Access

Bedtime Yoga

$6999one-time charge
  • Quick and effective stretching series!
  • 15 minute workouts
  • Lifetime Access

34 Day Meditation/Yin Yoga

$34999one-time charge
  • 34 Video Series!
  • 15 minute workouts
  • Lifetime Access

Social Media

Bikini Telegram

$25one-time charge
  • Weekly Bikini Pics and Vids
  • Community Group
  • Lifetime Access

VIP Telegram

$200one-time charge
  • Weekly Pics and Vids
  • Order Custom Workouts & Video Chats Here
  • Lifetime Access

If you Purchase my Monthly Subscription or any of my Lifetime Courses;

You can Order Custom Videos

Detail on How To Order are provided Inside each course