Dried Magnolia Leaves

Sun Dried Magnolia leaves

My Southern Magnolia leaves range in size from 4”- 8" or more in length. Each package contains 50 whole, premium, 100% natural and organic hand-picked and packaged southern magnolia leaves harvested here in the USA.

Each leaf is harvested by hand, choosing only whole healthy leaves that meet stringent quality control standards. The leaves are cleaned, disinfected/sanitized by boiling, dried and hand packaged.

This allows you to use the leaves immediately upon arrival, eliminating any additional preparation or sanitization.

Southern magnolia leaves are a long-lasting leaf used in terrariums, vivariums and aquariums due to their large size, thickness and hardiness. The large leaves provide shelter, ground cover and a source of food for micro-fauna such as spring tails and isopods. In the natural habitat of dart frogs and amphibians, the leaf litter is often several inches thick with varying sizes and shapes of leaves. When using in aquariums, soaking them in fresh water overnight softens the leaves helping them sink more easily, making them more palatable while fostering a biofilm on the leaf surface that provides supplemental grazing for shrimp and small fish.

No dirt, debris, spider webs, bugs or other unwelcome hitchhiker's.

Magnolia leaves possess natural properties that help maintain a clean and healthy environment for your plants and inhabitants. They also help aid in moisture regulation to help create an optimal microclimate within your vivarium or terrariums.
As the magnolia leaves decompose, they contribute to nutrient cycling and enrich the substrate, providing essential nutrients for your plants.
Magnolia leaves contain natural compounds that help deter unwanted pests from your terrariums and vivariums.

Organic Magnolia Leaf Litter, 4" - 8" Sanitized Large Whole Leaves for Bioactive Enclosures, Aquariums, Terrariums

50 leaves - Bag 24.99

$12.99 (shipping)
Total: $37.98